Terms and conditions


This program includes reduced calories to match the daily routine. This plan helps to lose weight in the event of adhering to a sports program. Suitable for males and females


The flexibility to choose the exact amount of calories that suit your diet. Suitable for preparing bodybuilders for competitions and people with a specific goal in their diet.
We at Muscle Fuel Healthy Eating Restaurant guarantee you the quality of food and accurate calories, and with your effort and being active, you will reach the goal.

Meal Selection

Muscle Fuel team will send the weekly meal schedule to the member’s registered email address and registered WhatsApp every 6:00 PM on Monday. The member will then reply to the email or WhatsApp with their selected meals on or before 11:59 PM on Wednesday. Failure to send their selected meal selection on time will result in our chef selecting the meals for them

The provided meal schedule contains the nutritional information of every dish. Customers are responsible to select meals according to their nutritional requirements. The Muscle Fuel team are only able to give advice and guidance on how to select meals and offer suggestions on meals that will meet the customers’ requirements

Delivery timings and schedules

The delivery time and location will be agreed upon during the registration process. Any change in delivery time and location is subject for approval of Muscle Fuel Team and driver availability

Holding, resumption and cancellation of deliveries

Members need to inform the Muscle Fuel Team 2 days in advance for any request to hold the delivery. Failure to give this advance notice, will result in the meals being counted against the remaining days left on the meal plan.

Meal plans can be put on hold for a maximum of 60 days.

To ensure adequate time to prepare, two days’ advance notice is also required for resuming the delivery. Failure to do this may cause delays.

Cancellation of deliveries on the same day is against our policy and will be considered as delivered.

Client who freezes his/her delivery for the meals on the same day, considered as counted.

Food allergies and intolerances

Customers must inform Muscle Fuel team in writing about any food allergies or intolerances if there are any during the application stage.

Muscle Fuel is not liable for any allergic reactions from particular ingredients if this is not mentioned in the application form.

Muscle Fuel prepares the meals in batches, any request by the customer that will affect the batch cooking must be mentioned during registration; for example, “no onion and no garlic”. Any future cancellation of meal package due to non-mention of allergies or intolerances will receive a 50% refund from the remaining delivery balance.

Payments and Refunds

Full payment of the meal package is required on the day of registration. However, if approved, new members may settle the full payment on the first day of delivery

If any member is not happy with their meal plan due to the food/service provided, the member can request to receive a refund six days in advance of their new agreed last day.

Cancellation for any reasons except stated above will not be entitled for a refund.